Empower your sales team to exceed revenue goals

Bridging the marketing/sales gap

Wiskel Consulting offers Sales Enablement Consulting to growing B2B companies looking to empower their sales teams with the proper knowledge, tools, process and behaviors to maximize sales productivity and consistency to drive revenue.


Why do I need a Sales Enablement Consultant?

A good Sales Enablement process helps your sales reps to do their jobs to the very best of their training. This is achieved through proper knowledge, tools, processes and behaviours, allowing them to maximize their productivity and drive revenue

It can be overwhelming to implement all of the moving parts which make sales enablement possible. Wiskel Consulting can help by objectively evaluating your operations and processes and make recommendations on how to develop or improve a Sales Enablement Plan. By bringing an outside perspective, we help to make the many decisions necessary for effective enablement easier, faster and less stressful.

What sets Wiskel Consulting Apart?

Marketing and Sales teams often work very independently of each other, each with differing knowledge and experience. In order for a company to reach, and even exceed, their revenue goals, these two teams need to be aligned. However, that is often easier said than done and more often than not, the two teams operate in silos. The value that Nancy brings is her years of growing and developing markets as strategic account manager out in the field, before moving into the marketing field. By understanding that sales assets are an integral part of any marketing strategy, she was able to fully engage sales teams leading to achieving and exceeding growth and revenue goals. Additionally, Nancy has always taken creative approaches to help business’ stand out from their competition.

As a result, we use top practices, procedures, insider tips and lessons of what works and what doesn't and apply them to your growing B2B business and help your sales team achieve a new level of success.


We introduce sales enablement process and structure to B2B business’ through a multi-stage model beginning with the examination of the buyer’s journey through to sales training implementation programs.

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Our Practice

Headed by Nancy Wiskel, Wiskel Consulting is a boutique consulting firm which helps B2B companies maximize their revenue through a well planned sales enablement program.


We help align marketing and sales by empowering sales teams with the right content, guidance and training to successfully exceed revenue goals