Frequently Asked Questions


what do you mean by sales enablement?

Sales enablement is a discipline of empowering sales reps to excel at their jobs by having and using the best tools, knowledge and resources.

A good sales enablement program becomes a competitive differentiator for any business.

Do we have to work with Wiskel Consulting on all 5 stages of the Sales Enablement process?

No. We will work with you only on the stages you feel are most relevant for your business.

what do your services cost?

Pricing is tailored to each clients’ needs. Rates can be per stage, per diem or even as a retainer for ongoing consultations.


is there a minimum or maximum length of time you work with clients?

There is no minimum or maximum length of time to work with a client; however, as a general rule of thumb each stage can take several weeks depending on existing (or not) processes in place. Usually, Stages 1 & 3 - Mapping existing marketing/sales assets as well as sales processes - are the most time intensive for the client.

how do you judge the success of your programs?

Initially success can be seen by a sales team that is full engaged and motivated. From there, the metrics and analytics that have been implemented will show success through data.