5 Stage Process

Services may be attained for an individual stage in the process or as a whole


Stage One: Mapping the buyer’s journey

Understanding your buyer’s unique journey is the critical foundation for the sales enablement process.

Stage tw0: Marketing content/sales asset mapping

Map existing marketing tools/sales assets against the various stages of the buyers’ journey. Review and make recommendations for any gaps that may exist.

Stage Three: content creation

Create content for any assets which may be needed to round the portfolio of marketing tools.

Stage four: Sales Delivery mapping

Map existing sales processes to various stages of the buyers’ journey. Design and implement strategy to fill in any gaps, including tools and technology.

Stage Five: Onboarding & training

Develop a thorough and consistent onboarding process to decrease time it takes new hires to start generating revenue.

Develop, conduct and implement training processes to ensure an effective, consistent and repeatable sales delivery.